Sabtu, Mei 09, 2009

i'm sorry mum..

to mum..
i'm really sorry coz
i thought tomorrow i will celebrate
mother's day with you..
but tomorrow i have last paper for my exam..
i already packing all my stuff and go back to bintulu tomorrow..
after my exam end..
but lastly..
when i read an announcement at uitm notice board
that inform all diploma students to
attend Krusus BIRO TATA NEGARA at Kem Belia Mukah..
i was really upset..
i miss you damn much mum..
what can i do mum..
next week on 16 may 2009
i will celebrate with mum..
i will be there mum...
happy mother's day mum..
thank for everything..

frOm yOur Lovely daughter;

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