Sabtu, Mei 09, 2009

happy mother's day

happy mother's day to mum..THERESA SARIAH
love you mum...

To My Mum;

If I could choose someone to be my friend I’d choose you
And haven’t I been doubly blessed that you’re my mother too!

When the world seems too much to bear
And I need someone to lighten my load
You always see some goodness or way out, no matter what the road

You offer me the best advice and a sympathetic ear
You’re practical and comforting that’s why I hold you dear

You’re the first one with the tissues
First one with champagne
I hope you’ll never ever change
And always stay the same

I haven’t been the best of daughters
I haven’t always done as you taught us

But you gave me the freedom to learn from my mistakes
And I had the chance to turn around just before it was too late

I just want to finish with a very special prayer
I hope love and happiness will be with you everywhere

from your daughters and son;
Diana Bangi Biat
Victoria Imelda Munah Biat
Napoleon Bonaparte Linggir Biat

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