Jumaat, Julai 17, 2009

study..study and study

Being a University student is a unique time in our life, and presents many opportunities and challenges.
For me,after one week attended a class,I have a lot assignment to do.
I think that i'm not ready yet to study after a semester break.
I'm still blur what to do with assignment especially my BEL 311
and public speaking this week and I have my first presentation on wednesday..
I dont know what topic or title i'm going to present????
I dont know why,so bored study at UiTM Mukah.
Really fucking bored..
even I have a lot fucking friends here.
Yesterday,all DBS students meeted our coordinator Miss.Irdawaty from UiTM Samarahan to discuss about our study and result last semester.
Miss irdawaty have a good news to us,that all student that july intake 2007 must GRADUATE ON TIME..No repeat paper or extend for 1 semester..
But if have a repeat paper,and not graduate on time a student must pay about RM200 per courses that repeat.
I have two drop courses that is Business communication and Statistics..
It’s the usual end-of-semester stress: too many parties, too many exams. Possibly even in that order.
I think this semester I have to struggle hard to achieve the goal and past all my paper this semester..

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