Selasa, Februari 24, 2009

i miss my famiLy damn much..

now i really miss my family damn much..
i miss my daddy
i miss my mum
i miss my sister and my lovely brother
i miss my lovely niece a lot.I want to hug and kiss her..i really2x miss her
i miss my grandpa and my grandma..
this week I think,I can go back to my house in Bintulu to celebrate my niece 1st year birthday party on sunday..But lastly i was inform by my friends that my uitm was held a program pembangunan dan kepimpinan pelajar on sunday start at 9.30am until 9.30 pm at nite..12 hours,I must complete that programme.
so I really2x upset with that..
i'm so far away from my family now..i really miss my family..
sometimes i cry when i miss them..
i just pretend to be a strong girl..
nobody understand how much i miss my family.

miss my family damn much..

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